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From the Beginning

The origins of the band can be traced to 1996 when UP lead singer Elvio Fernandes would come see Mike Gladstone's acoustic trio, Cosco, Gladstone and Cosco, appear at local clubs. During the band's breaks the "mutual musician admiration society (MMAS)" would take over....ya know, "You're great", "No, YOU'RE great", "NO YOU'RE GREAT", etc, etc...Of course the conversation inevitably ended up at "let's form a band!!". They proceeded to rent out a rehearsal studio and enlist the talents of a bass player and future Plum drummer Joe Lana. After a few rehearsals, they decided to throw in the towel due to the fact the the chemistry just wasn't right...yet years went by and Elvio and Joe went on tour to the Far East with a show band and Mike formed the Smokin' HoHo's(!?) with former Cheater frontman, Jeff Cosco. After a year, Elvio returned home and rejoined his old band, East Coast Connection. Joe would end up staying in Guam to play with the show band for another year (hey, the money was good!).One day in the late summer of 1999, Mike received a call from an obviously excited Elvio stating that Joe was coming back to Rochester and that the time was right to put together THE alternative rock band. With the bass player position left to fill, Mike thought about it for a millisecond and got on the phone with Paul Akers, former bass player for EMI recording artists, Hard Rain. Paul agreed and Uncle Plum was born. Finally, soundman Sebastian Marino (former guitarist for metal band Overkill) came aboard...his sound system keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger...Rehearsals started in September '99 and the band played it's first show in November...the rest is history in the making. Oh...one more thing – in case you were wondering, the name Uncle Plum came from Mike, who's mother-in-law actually had an Uncle Plum!! It just felt right.


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